What is Female Sexual Dysfunction and How it Relates to Pregnancy

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction and How it Relates to Pregnancy

pregnancy-blog-shoemakerGiving birth can be an exciting time in a couples’ life but there are considerations that could result in lasting effects on postpartum intimacy. You may be asking the question do choices in the delivery room matter? Can these affect your sexual performance after birth?

Discussing how the birth of a child can change your vaginal area is an important component in the process of pregnancy. However, this often goes overlooked or the patient is uncomfortable speaking about it to their health care provider. More common is the fact that people are simply uninformed about delivery choices and various sexual side effects of each type.

If you have had a child and are experiencing sexual discomfort, lack of stimulation from a stretched vaginal canal or simply have loss of orgasmic function, Innovations in Women’s Health under the direction of Stan Shoemaker, M.D., Corpus Christi area Obstetrician and Gynecologist can treat your vaginal or urinary incontinence issues as well as offer relief of the symptoms. The results can be significant and have you and your partner experiencing a more pleasurable and intimate relationship. For more information on our treatments see our patient testimonials.

However, there are some factors to consider or discuss prior to delivery of your child that could minimize vaginal changes post partum.

What delivery choices to consider?

  • C-Section
  • Episiotomy

C-Section Vs. Vaginal Birth

If the choice is available, you may want to consider discussing with your obstetrician, his or her thoughts on post partum sexual advantages of a C-section versus a vaginal birth. In recent studies, researchers looked at the patient’s type of delivery to determine if any correlation existed with sexual satisfaction following birth.

In a 2005 published study, they found at the three-month mark, 70% of first time mothers reported sexual dissatisfaction after a vaginal delivery versus 55 % of C-section deliveries. Similarly, in 2006 another study found duplicating results. Additional research was conducted and concluded that even after 2 years, these same rates of sexual dissatisfaction were confirmed. Anatomical strength changes in the patient’s pelvic floor and connective tissues were shown to further support the findings. The greater strength was found in those patients who had undergone a C-section delivery.


“ThermiVa is proving to rid patients of discomfort and pain during intercourse as well as reduce mild and moderate urinary leaking and incontinence.”


Why Does Pelvic Floor Strength Matter?

These tissues are important because they support the bladder, intestines and reproductive organs that contract during orgasm and work together to intensify orgasm when contracted.

Can Vaginal Rejuvenation Treat Post-Pregnancy Issues and Make Sex Better?

Because vaginal births can affect the vagina and post-partum sex and urinary function, surgical and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments and procedures have become quite popular. Dr. Stan Shoemaker was one of the pioneers in this field and has offered many patients new hope for both positive physical and emotional outcomes following the birth of a child. His latest non-surgical procedure, ThermiVa is proving to rid patients of discomfort and pain during intercourse as well as mild and moderate urinary leaking and incontinence.

Should You Consider the Affects of the Episiotomy on Sex After Birth?

In the US about a third of women undergo what is known as an “episiotomy” which is an incision in the perineum to expand the vaginal area to prevent tears and limit stretching of the pelvic floor. However, in a study referenced in the Journal of the American Medicine, they found little evidence of better pelvic floor strength and function in women who had episiotomies. They also reported that these patients took longer to resume sex after birth as well as suffered more pain during intercourse.

thermiva-shoemakerA 2008 study even went further to investigate episiotomy results discovering that 12-18 months following birth, women reported increased incidence of painful sex and dryness but found no increase in affect of arousal, orgasm or satisfaction. Patients who had delivered their children vaginally stated less painful sex following the birth of their children.

Vaginal Rejuvenation May Be Your Answer to Your Post-Partum Symptoms

Innovations in Women’s Health has answers to your search to correct physical and emotional barriers preventing pleasurable relationships. During the non-surgical ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation procedure, a tiny probe is inserted inside and outside your vagina to stimulate new collagen and restore blood flow to lax tissues. This collagenation process starts as soon as the treatment is completed. It only takes about an hour and you are on your way to a firmer more dynamic and lubricated vaginal area. Most patients require 2 or more treatments however, some have experienced great results in just one session and require no more. This improved tone and decrease in laxity also assists with treatment for mild to moderate urinary incontinence.

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