Dr. E. Stanton Shoemaker

Dr. E. Stanton Shoemaker

After attending medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston – and then completing a four-year residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas – Dr. Shoemaker joined Dr. Bernhardt Rothschild and Dr. James L. Barnard, Jr. in Corpus Christi, Texas to form the first group Obstetrics and Gynecology practice in South Texas.

As his practice grew during the 1980′s, Dr. Shoemaker became a very skilled laparoscopic surgeon. He realized that sophisticated, operative laparoscopy could lead to quicker recovery for his patients, with much less pain. He also concluded that with minimally invasive procedures, not only was the patient’s hospital stay reduced, but they able to return to their normal activities within days, instead of weeks.

When performing a laparoscopic hysterectomy, Dr. Shoemaker often has his patients back to work – without any restrictions – in as little as seven days. He is considered to be one of the leading pelvic floor reconstructive and incontinence experts in America, and is highly sought after to educate other gynecologic surgeons in his techniques.

In January 2011, Dr. Shoemaker added a new dimension to his surgical repertoire with the da Vinci Robot, which has enabled him to perform much more complicated procedures that otherwise would have to be performed using a more invasive form of surgery.

He and Bay Area Medical Center broke a world record for the most robotic procedures performed in the first year after the introduction of a robotic instrument with 384 procedures. Dr. Shoemaker now has over 1,000 robotic surgeries including hysterectomy, pelvic organ prolapse and myomectomy procedures.

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