Pelvic Pain Treatment

Pelvic Pain Treatment

What Is Pelvic Pain Syndrome?

ObGyn Corpus Christi Dr. E. Stanton Shoemaker typically treats his patients’ pelvic pain either by directing treatment to the exact source of the pain or by treating it as a separate medical condition.

Based on a patient’s pelvic exam, medical history and test results, your ObGyn may conclude that more than one condition is causing your pelvic pain. These may include – but aren’t limited to – uterine fibroids, irritable bowel syndrome, a pelvic infection or endometriosis.

 Pelvic Pain Treatment Options May Include:

  • Medication to control the onset of ovulation
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Surgical removal of growths, cysts or tumors
  • Diet and exercise modifications

Prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs is the initial treatment option typically used by your ObGyn Corpus Christi to provide relief from pelvic pain and swelling. For pain that worsens during the patient’s menstrual cycle, preventing ovulation and handling hormones is often effective in the treating chronic pelvic pain.

For recurring pelvic pain, a combination of medical and psychological procedures increases the patient’s chances for effective treatment of the pain. This combination of treatments can help patients determine which tools they’ll need to manage their pelvic pain and recognize the stress triggers that make their symptoms worse.

A surgical procedure to remove the patient’s reproductive organs can also reduce pelvic pain when the cause of pain cannot be pinpointed.

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