Don’t Ignore, Restore!

The term hormone can sometimes get tossed around like a beachball. People say things like, “My hormones are off!” or “Man, I’m hormonal today,” but we’re not exactly sure why. Society tends to only classify women in this group, but men and women alike can experience imbalances and shrug off the feelings and move on with the day. We certainly know when things are “off” but the ability to identify how we got there and what to do about it seems to be less obvious.

hormones for men and womenThe medical definition of hormone is the chemical substance produced in the body that controls and regulates the activity of certain cells or organs. In other words, hormones help with everything we do. Everyday activity such as sleep cycles, mood control, digesting food, metabolic rate, are all dependent on hormones. Your thyroid, as an example, produces a thyroid hormone that regulates your metabolic rate as well as brain development, mood, and bone maintenance, to name a few. Sounds pretty important, right?

Hormones are produced by glands in the endocrine system. As the hormones travel throughout your body, they send messages to your organs to tell them what to do and when. It’s easy to see and understand why when hormones are unbalanced it can affect your entire body – and your mood!

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