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E. Stanton Shoemaker MD.
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 by F.J.
Cirugía Robótica Exitosa En Todos Los Sentidos

A mis 65 años no creía que esta cirugía sería tan sencilla y pensé que mi recuperamiento sería más largo. Estoy feliz de decir que el proceso fue exitoso en todos los sentidos. El Dr. Shoemaker y su personal han sido un encanto.

 by J.C
Magnífico trabajo!

A quien le pueda interesar, solo quiero decir que el Dr. Shoemaker ha realizado un trabajo magnífico. Estoy muy complacida con lo que ha hecho. Tuve la primera cirugía de prolapso de vejiga y la segunda de rectocele, y puedo decir que lo volvería a hacer de nuevo, así de grande es mi confianza en el Dr. Shoemaker. Lo recomiendo a todo mundo. Gracias.

 by Sylvia Campos
Mi Nueva Vida

Fui diagnosticada con prolapso pélvico severo años atrás, y finalmente me di cuenta de que tenía que hacer algo al respecto. Estaba afectando mi calidad de vida. El Dr, Shoemaker fue mi opción numero 1, desde el momento en que recomendó la cirugía, hasta el día de mi visita postcirugía. Él es increíble, es muy atento y cuidadoso a lo largo del proceso, y solo realizó los procedimientos absolutamente necesarios. Me siento como "Una Mujer Nueva" y así me sentí de inmediato. El mejoramiento fue de un día para otro. Las personas que me conocen están sorprendidas de mi recuperación. Gracias Dr. Shoemaker, usted me ha dado nueva vida.

 by Rosa
Dr. Shoemaker and his team were amazing

I have been a patient of Dr. Shoemaker since 2010 & wouldn't consider going to anyone else ever! I just gave birth to my second daughter May 30, 2013, & Dr. Shoemaker and his staff were amazing. If I was told I had to do the delivery all over again the next day, I'd say "let’s do it!" Everyone made me feel comfortable & confident & really excited for the delivery which I feel helped move things along quickly and smoothly. My entire pregnancy, I was seen in the Kingsville office. The staff there is wonderful and Nurse Practitioner Christina Leach is truly amazing. I had to have a total Thyroidectomy when I was 19 weeks pregnant due to a cancerous nodule found at my first prenatal visit by Christina Leach. Both baby and I are just perfect now and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank You, Dr. Shoemaker & Staff for making both my pregnancies wonderful experiences.

 by S.L.C.
I have never had such access to medical personnel

My life is very much improved since I had the interstim implant. I started having "accidents" when I sneezed or coughed about 8 years ago. My family doctor said to do Kagels. I did them for some time and saw no improvement. Later. I began to have sudden urges and would leak before I made it. Later still, I would wake up, needing to go once each night and then two to three times each night. I went from wearing pantie liners during the day to thick pads day and night. I often worried that people near me might smell an odder. Most of the worries and inconvenience are gone since I had the implant. The sudden urgency feelings are completely gone and I don't have to go so frequently, including at night. I usually still get up once a night & still leak a little when I sneeze or cough. I am told that is due to weak bladder muscles, so I'm again doing Kagels. The process was relatively quick and easy. It just took a short time to set up the test device. I received the results quickly and was able to have the implant in just a few weeks. Best of all, the doctor has an extraordinary RN. She gave me her cell phone number at the first visit. I would call or text her frequently, day and night and she was always available. I have never had such access to medical personnel. Thanks

 by Mary Ann
I am a changed woman thanks to Dr. Shoemaker

I didn't take the leaky bladder serious until I was walking to my office one day after seeing a patient and all of the sudden my bladder leaked and there it was urine down my leg, wet pants. I had a history of coughing at times and very little leaking but this was different. I was wearing panty liners, but the thought of "POISE", seriously. I was so upset and embarrassed I had to go home and change. Women don't like talking how this problem also affects their sex life. It affected mine. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I became depressed for a while and didn't want to leave my home. This problem was affecting me at work, home, and in my travel. The problem continued for several months till I saw Dr. Shoemaker. I tried a form of medication and it did not work. The Interstim implant trial was suggested and I went for it. To my amazement it worked. I had the final implant procedure November of 2012. There have been no side effects to date. This has changed my life forever. There are a lot of women out there who are very private about these problems and spend their whole lives living like this. I did not want to be that woman. I'm fifty years old with my first grandchild. I can enjoy my life now without any setbacks from an overactive bladder. I am a changed woman thanks to Interstim implant, Thank you Dr. Shoemaker and Rishana for your constant text support. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

 by Gwendolyn
Thank God for Dr. Shoemaker and his staff.

Thank God for Dr. Shoemaker and his staff. He is a god send to me and his staff. He is a caring doctor and person in all. He is here to save lives and heal like god does. He is a kind, caring, professional and loving doctor. We need more doctors like him. I love the way he talks to me as a patient and for my care that he and his staff give. He smiles and talks as a doctor. He said I will take full responsibility of this patient. That spoke a lot for me. The staff is like the doctor. They are kind, loving, caring, and professional. They say "thank You", "how are you?" and are always smiling, helpful when you ask a question. Dress nice and look nice. They are a god send to me. Dr. Shoemaker and his staff are a god send. Thanks to all of you and I love you all.

 by Dubelia
Wonderful job!

To Whom It May Concern, I just need to say that Dr. Shoemaker has done a wonderful job. I am very pleased on what he has done I had the first surgery on prolapse bladder and then the second one rectocele and I would do it again that is how much I trust Dr. Shoemaker. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you.

 by J.P.
Robotic Surgery Successful in everyway

At age 65 I didn't think this surgery would be so easy and my recovery would take longer. I am happy to say the process was very successful in every way. Dr. Shoemaker and his staff have been a delight.

 by Stacy
Attentive and thorough

I have been a patient of Dr. Shoemaker's for years and am so glad he was my treating OB/GYN throughout my pregnancy. He was attentive and thorough during each visit and really helped to put my fears and anxieties concerning my pregnancy to rest. My son was born via C-section, which was done by Dr. Shoemaker and I was very pleased with how quickly I healed and how minimal my scarring was. My husband and I are now thoroughly enjoying our beautiful son, and we have Dr. Shoemaker to thank!!

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